Question Paper Generator

QPG is designed to be a smart tool that does the hardwork for the teacher. It displays Questions, allows the teacher to select them and arranges them for the teacher. The teacher may choose to Print the paper or Save it for refernce. Quizzes, Class Tests and Exam Papers can be generated using this tool.

Auto Create Mode

Our question paper runs on a powerful Algorithm that helps teacher to randomise the available questions and present them in the paper. It asks the teacher the no of chapters, their weightage and the no of each type of questions and creates a paper as per that data.


Established Support System

We have an established support structure, which aids the end user in many ways. From hints on the go, to Helper videos and a support desk, Help is available for all those that need it..


Custom Question Paper

We also provide the service of making a new question paper that includes custom questions. So a school can have their own personal repository.


Mobile Version available soon

We are working on a mobile version that will help you to test yourself on the go.



Easy Navigation

The main feature of our ebook is larger area for reading and easy navigation. You can easy mouse gestures, clicks and even keyboard to navigate.


On Screen Readers

Our World Class On Screen Reader employs the best engine for Text To Speech conversion and enables the student to learn the exact pronounciation of a word.


Integrated TRM

We have integrated the Teacher's Resource Materials in our e-Book which include the schedule and back question answers.


Digital Rendition of existing concepts that aim at delivering the next level by the courtesy of technology. Aiding education while best employing the modern methodology available to us.

Digital Stories

Our best in class animations and art tells the stories in a digital form further guiding a child's imagination. When a child reads and imagines a story in his head, seeing a digital adaptation gives his imagination perspective.


Interactive Primary Material

A 2 way interaction has always been at the fore of all innovation, involving the child sparks his curiosity and bolsters his growth.


Multimedia makes everything better

A multimedia savvy institution makes the most of the resources available. We have integrated multimedia in all aspects of our digital products and now have plethora of educational products..