Take Your Learning with you


Mobile and Tablet Application

Access the features on our website as well as Mobile Application. Now learn On The Go and make the most of technology in education.


Offline Features

In our Pro Version, various aspects of the LMS can be downloaded and stored online.


Fast Prototyping

Should schools or institutions intend to develop certain new features with us, we provide fast development methodology.

Features of Our LMS


Test generators

Anytime anywhere Test Generators with a powerful algorithm that help teachers to create and manage tests online.



Digital e-Book that go beyond the conventional books and teach a student how to speak what he reads.


NCERT Solutions

Multimedia Content that makes learning fun. Use it to help understand concepts better which strengthens the grasping process.



Open Source Lectures hosted on youtube are available in the LMS.


Tablet Application

The LMS is also available on a tablet/mobile application. Enterprise Mobility is an important step towards the future and we recognise that.


Sample Papers and Question Bank

Papers and Question Banks as per the curriculum available here.

Anywhere Learning

For the generation that did not know fixed landline phones.
Your child plays a game of football on his phone which he saw on the TV of a sport he/she learned in the playground. They understand things that are not limited. Limiting education to one domain will never be enough for this generation.

Your work will get much easier



We come equipped with an ERP that caters to total needs of schools. Right from the fee handlling to homework and grading management, the ERP handles all. Click Here


Students and Teachers

The boon of 21st Century technology- Education On The Go. With our LMS, now students can learn anywhere, anytime at all. While TRM India makes available all the resources a teacher needs. Click Here



We also offer our services to many publishers who need their content hosted online on the LMS and offer to create resources that they otherwise would spend a fortune to develop. Click Here


Global Market

We also offer our sevices to international clients which in turn, partner us in our ventures Click Here.

Free Version

Our iLearn Avenue LMS is available free on purchase of books that come with the LMS. You can access most of the content related resources however to enable premium features and analytics, subscribe to the Pro Version.

Free Demo

  • Lectures and Videos
  • Answer Keys and Question Banks
  • check NCERT Solutions
  • close Progress Tracker
  • close Quiz Master
  • close Detailed Analysis

PRO Version

  • Lectures and Videos
  • Answer Keys and Question Banks
  • check NCERT Solutions
  • check Progress Tracker
  • check Quiz Master
  • check Detailed Analysis
Our Aim


Class Room

Good Old Classroom Learning

The basis of concrete and lifelong learning begins in a classroom.


Learning at Home

A child needs to learn anywhere it wants so home learning is an essential prt of our project.

Self Learning

Learn Yourself

A child must be independent and must have the ability to learn himslf if it chooses.

Peer Learning

Help available to the child

Independent learning supplemented by aid by parents can do wonders for a child.